There are different types of security tags which can defend our goods once mailed or displayed in the Shop . The main security tags are the following :

The SM Label ( Label Security Microchip ) is a new security tags sticker Integrated with microchip , which guarantees 100% originality of the product.
The security tags SM Label is designed by combining special innovative technologies in the field of self-adhesive labels for safety :
– adhesive material safety
– OVI inks – (Optical Variable Inks )
– inserted patented microchip into the BTC to make it unique and not reproducible.

Security tags to thermochromic inks
Scurity tags ADHESIVE change color. These security tags are printed with inks that change color at a specific temperature between 10 ° C and 47 ° C.
The inks used have a pastel color at temperatures below that of activation , while , once heated above this temperature , their color fades up to fade.
Applications include:
– Security Authentication
– security tags that change color when in contact with hot bodies
– for the quality control of frozen foods , ensures that the products are stored at the correct temperature
– or for the storage of industrial products , where they have to reach set temperatures as part of a process.

Security tags TO INK O.V.I.
Security tags ADHESIVE with security ink , which guarantee a safety at different levels.
The first level favors a change in color unambiguous and easy to detect by the public.
The second level , reserved for employees to document control , is an effect of polarization of light seen through a special filter , visible even in low light conditions .

Security tags WITH microletters
Security tags ADHESIVE with drawings safety invisible to the naked eye.
These security tags offer the possibility to insert it into the layout drawings of complicated security , computer-generated based on logarithms protected and invisible to the naked eye so as to increase the security of project.

Security tags WITH NUMBERING AND Barcoding
Safety tags ADHESIVE with progressive numbering and randomic.
Security tags are customized with progressive numbering and randomic is clear that through codes readable.

HOLOGRAPHIC security tags
Holographic security tags, self-adhesive impossible to reproduce and therefore to counterfeit.
On them are depicted two-dimensional or three-dimensional images through which the security is greatly increased. Without the original matrix holographic printing is impossible to reproduce an identical copy of a hologram if not counterproductive with high costs that make counterfeiting and then make the safety labels highly secure .

VOID security tags
Security tags , self-adhesive material Void . In the event of removal , the security tags on the product settles a portion of its coloring marking the protected product with the standard written ” Void” .
Although the written submissions of the product were erased by repositioning the security tags , it would show , the same written warning .
The front is available in white , transparent, gloss or matt silver , or with a hologram of forgery difficult .

Safety tags ADHESIVE material ultradistruttibile .
The moment you try to remove it , the security label ultradistruttibile shatters into tiny pieces , so it becomes absolutely impossible to remove it whole .

Security tags that are heat-sensitive thermal retract if heated to per with it .
The heat-sensitive labels , have a great bonding capacity in the event of removal , tearing the cardboard making it obvious tampering.
One of the most used methods to fraudulently remove a security label is to “warm up ” the surface in order to make it more “liquid” , and reset the adhesive holding power .
The security tags thermosensitive this case thermoshrinks making evident tampering and destroying the safety label.