Pompilio Roselli is the new CEO at ONE Brasil, the mobile media company held in joint venture by Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação and ONE Italia.

Roselli boasts an extraordinary experience in the Telecommunication field and is rated among the pioneers for the development of Mobile Internet technologies and services in Latin America. Recalling the former experiences, Roselli stresses why he signed for ONE Brasil:

“I have been working on system integration in many big companies such as Modu, Celltick, Supportcomm and IBM, always teaming up with Content Providers and Carriers: yet those assets were missing the contribution of a Media partner. ONE Brasil represents the perfect and ultimate business solution being the venture of ONE Italia that contributes with technologies and Grupo Bandeirantes that equip with set of content and Media. ”.
Enrolling the CEO clashes a new beginnings phase for the Company, which will expand the business of interactivity (VAS) and the Top Up services by the means of great investments on new technologies and markets. “Pompilio has a huge experience in Telecommunications and certainly will contribute to the boosting of ONE Brasil and will consolidate our OnePay service, bringing innovation and reaching goals”, says Frederico Nogueira, Vice President at Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação.
“Brazil is a strategic country for us, now that we completed the important start up phase, we believe that the arrival of Pompilio will lead to the achievement of the ambitious goals we set for the coming years”, says Jacopo Giacomini, CEO at ONE Italia.

About ONE Brasil

ONE Brasil is a joint venture company of Grupo Bandeirantes de Comunicação and the italian company One Italia, with core business in mobile multimedia and focus in design and develop mobile services and applications; ONE Brasil manages many interfaces and channels – SMS, WAP, WEB, VOICE, DIGITAL TV – and offers to its users different tools and resources for entertainment, social networking and mobile payments.

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