A luxury yacht for charter is a luxury vacation for elite people:

  • privacy
  • intimacy
  • comfort
  • opulent accommodations
  • outstanding cuisine
  • lots of personal attention.

Levante Mare, Italian yachting company, has a wide range of charter yachts in size from 30 to 85 mt, all with Captain, chef, stewardess and additional crew to cater to your every wish.

Levante Mare’s luxury yachting services provide high level of privacy and comfort, plus plenty of opportunities for activities such as snorkeling, sailing, sunning on the shores of picturesque Mediterranean or Caribbean beaches and some of the most spectacular diving in the world, making this a unique and very special luxury vacation.

Find, on Levante Mare website, your Luxury Vacation aboard a luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Balearics, or Pacific…