Karmalia is the perfect portal for those who want to post online ads and view ads posted by other users of the community. 

Karmalia is currently one of the main start-up, with a team of experienced developers continually working to improve the service, introducing new features and increase business opportunities for users. 

In addition to sharing announcements regarding goods and services, Karmalia also allows its users to quickly perform the private negotiations, in the event that a product or service have gained the interest of the customer. 

Registration to Karmalia portal is completely free, as well as ad serving. Private negotiations take place, in complete safety, between the seller and the potential client, in order to allow the two parties to enter into the best possible deal for both. 

Ads shown on Karmalia are organized into convenient categories based both on the geographical location of the seller, both on the type of good or service offered for sale. The organization into categories allows potential buyers to more easily find what they wish to buy and the seller to have a greater visibility and a more targeted clientele. 

Publish an ad on Karmalia is free , simple and easy. With the ability to add a detailed description of the product, combined with photos of the same product, it becomes possible to quickly reach the perfect customers. 

With Karmalia you can create a real online store at no cost, manage ads and respond within seconds, directly from the portal, the messages of potential buyers interested in the products on sale. 

To further increase the visibility and the number of courses completed transactions, Karmalia offers the opportunity to share in a few clicks their ads on major social networks. 


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