Learn to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, do not be afraid, but mostly fun. “(Julia Child)

Cooking is an art and to be able to prepare tasty and unforgettable is essential to develop their skills and acquire new knowledge.

The initial quote expresses the philosophy of cooking classes Turin , portal dedicated to cooking courses organized in Turin, one of the most beautiful Italian cities and especially among the most famous culinary traditions.

The objective of Cooking lessons Turin is offering a wide selection of courses to try new recipes, learn from mistakes and develop their skills, all while having fun and meeting new people with the same passion for cooking.

The training told by Cooking lessons Turin is divided into amateur courses , designed specifically for those who are beginners and for those who have no business purposes, and in professional courses , designed for professionals, or for those who aim to be , and to offer their excellent skills.

Among the amateur courses packages to find those dedicated to desserts. Cooking lessons Turin describes a specific course to learn how to prepare delicious desserts at home, as well as a course in cake design for those who want to give vent to his artistic talent.

These courses are added some more details, such as cooking finger food, the course of fusion cuisine to marry together the culinary traditions of different countries, the course of Asian cuisine and the course of sushi and sashimi.

Cooking lessons Turin also believed to culinary professionals, collecting in the section all the professional courses . Again the curriculum is rich, perfect to deepen their knowledge and to learn new recipes on a professional level.

Among the best professional courses point out the course for cocktails, the course of the ice cream and pastry course aimed at those who want to become a professional pastry chef. To these are added the courses to become a pizza chef, baker, chef, sous chef and one to work in the wine business, learning the art of tasting.

The portal Cooking lessons Turin is the reference point for those who love cooking and want to have fun experimenting with new recipes and making new friends.