“Beyond all comparison”: Acqualys works with the best manufacturers in the world to Achieve delivery systems That Ensure safe water and good, always.

TURIN (ITALY), November 11, 2014: Acqualys is pleased to introduce a regulator connected to the water network That Produces sparkling water. But not only can That Has providers Shops provide hot water (for tea or herbal tea) or cold water (Particularly popular in summer), in order to reserved respond to all needs. Whatever the choice, Acqualys Ensures product quality and service at the highest levels of the market.

For dispensers for offices, schools, hospitals, industrial areas, Acqualys collaborates with Waterlogic, Which is the exclusive distributor for Italy. Waterlogic and ‘Stated in ani as a world leader in dispensers connected to the water and now Has blackberries than 640,000 distributors installed in various parts of the world. “The water-sustainable consumption and ‘one of the priorities of Acqualys. Our providers make it possible to reduce costs and environmental impacts That as from the consumption of millions of plastic water bottles every year. Always Ensuring the health and safety of the water That we Shops provide, “he Told one of the executives of the firm.

Each of our dispensers Waterlogic fact combines different technologies (filtration, irradiation with UV light Firewall, surface treatment Biocote) That Ensure maximum safety in every situation. This is the main reason why we are Able to certify That our distributors deliver pure water to 99.9999%, always.

Different realities have different needs: That a school wants to offer water to His students or a nursing home who wants to offer it to the ITS residents, have different needs from a company That Has to quench the staff in a production area. For this it is recommended to visit the firm’s website where you can find the most suitable product for all circumstances. And in case you need advice call our toll free number or send an email and an expert will be immediately available for each question.

About Acqualys

Acqualys and ‘an Italian company, leader in the supply of water dispensers connected to the water supply. Always works with the world’s leading manufacturers of solutions for water treatment, including Waterlogic, Which is the exclusive distributor for Italy. Whether you opt for rental or purchase, Acqualys, is in degrees to Accompany ITS customers in the care and maintenance of the regulators, on the whole national territory.